Poll: Which one bus do you prefer us to charter?
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TIB535G (WLDEP 858) - Mercedes O405 Hispano OAC (Refurbished)
0 0%
TIB745S (WLDEP 966) - Mercedes O405 Hispano CAC (Refurbished)
1 3.13%
TIB927J (AMDEP 853) - Dennis Lance 245 UMW (Hispano Seat Covers)
1 3.13%
TIB946D (AMDEP 853) - Dennis Lance 245 UMW
1 3.13%
TIB961J (WLDEP SP/950) - Mercedes Benz O405 Volgren
1 3.13%
TIB1005M (AMDEP 853) - Dennis Lance 245 UK
1 3.13%
TIB1018B (AMDEP TRG) - Dennis Lance 245 Volgren
17 53.13%
SMB138Y (WLDEP 963) - MAN NL323F A22 MCV Evolution (Demo)
8 25.00%
SMB166R (AMDEP 855) - Mercedes Benz O530 Citaro
1 3.13%
SMB189A (WLDEP 852) - MAN NL323F A22 Gemilang Man Lion City
1 3.13%
Total 32 vote(s) 100%
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[Official Event] SGTrains Bus Tour: we need your opinions
(25 September 2012, 09:49 AM)SBS6019J Wrote:   Show/Hide

Huh how come sia...
Wait. SBS' charter not good ah?
(27 September 2012, 06:04 PM)habiTAT Wrote:   Show/Hide

Someone chartered a bus from SBST and did something really wrong. Then SBST Stops chartering... from what i heard..
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(27 September 2012, 06:04 PM)habiTAT Wrote:   Show/Hide

afaik it's related to an old incident related to SBS charter

they haven't had a charter for ages


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(27 September 2012, 06:06 PM)SBS6057Z Wrote:   Show/Hide

WhyHuh Who was the one? Share leh.. Big Grin

Pass by Kranji Dam, Lim Chu Kang and Tuas area will be fun..^^
Or maybe other ulu areas..
(27 September 2012, 07:16 PM)TIB1218R Wrote:   Show/Hide

Won't share the story - don't want a flame war here! Tongue

I'll get a survey set up soon to formally gather the responses for the bus tour. If we really have enough participating, we might get a second bus!
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Wow, a second bus? That sounds so interesting. Looking forward to it!
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1) End November, weekday
2) Demostrators! New ones or old one can. Any one!
3) 3:30pm to 6:30pm, you say! But not too early in the afternoon.
4) Singapore is so small, I can't think. Maybe Sembawang Park?
5) $5.20 - $15, $20 (see how many people go)
Other: Meet somewhere, if you want an interchange, meet somewhere along North East Line. Or Harbourfront, maybe?; I'm going to holiday in China from 8 December to 16 December, so please don't choose those days if you cannot make it in November. Keep me updated!Big Grin
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1) During Mid december, where Poly and Sec school have hols
2) Hmm... Anything so long as it justifies for charter.
3) After Lunch - before dinner
5) Preferably below $10
Yours Sincerely,
King Citaro

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Erm, date not too sure. Obviously, SMB138Y or 136C, lol. Morning would be good. LCK road( some speed), LCK graveyards, Kranji reservoir, Tuas, Mandai road and anywhere that has little bus routes running and preferably some scary place.

Less than $10? but below 20 should be ok

Would be really excited if 138Y or 136C is chosen. Even better if articulated bus(Should it go to LCK)!

But logically wise, it is wiser to book a training bus because you cant take it
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Hmm... It would be cool if we can get a training bus like SMB1H
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