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[Official] Circle Line ACW [DBG - HBF/MRB - SDM]
Promenade is 95% done:

[Image: 47_zpsfggwba47.png]

[Image: 45_zpsmb5fmbrg.png]

New addition:
[Image: 48_zpsbexsxw1d.png]
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(02 January 2016, 07:07 PM)SMB142J Wrote:   Show/Hide

You nailed it with the staircases xD
[Image: BJ3ITIl.png]
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Circle Line "Promenade" Patch A - released!

Download Link: Link

 - Just extract the folder into where your 'railway' folder is in.
 - Please delete the previous edition of 'dbg' and 'epn' in the stations folder. There are some changes to the file structure.
 - Promenade and Nicoll Highway are not included. It will be added in the next release.

Note: 6 - 8 errors are expected for this release. (I forgot which rails are added to facilitate the addition of Promenade hence, I didn't fully remove them)

1) Interior pillar textures updated accordingly at DBG and EPN.
2) Announcements added.
3) Tracks to Promanade removed. 

Some latest updates (not really latest I've shared this in the Slack group but anyway):

[Image: 49_zpsg2bf5uw4.png]
Nice work!

There's one major problem with the timing. it says I'm 3 mins 17secs late when I was driving at 80km/h on the stretch to Esplanade and used emg brake at the end.
[Image: 50_zpsmad2b5dn.png]

[Image: 51_zpsto59x7jb.png]
[Image: 52_zpstk2qkgio.png]

[Image: 54_zpsufbl7box.png]

[Image: 53_zpsbfxs6sxl.png]
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Update (not really): Development will slow down Smile

After O Levels result release I've been busy searching for JCs suitable for me and subject combinations, environment etc and also trying to work back from the degree I want in university and stuff. Current progress is at Nicoll Highway. Don't really expect an update anytime soon and I won't be able to develop at the speed I used to anymore. 

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