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End-of-Life Upgrade for Kawasaki Heavy Industries C151
(31 July 2015, 12:58 AM)SBS6019J Wrote:   Show/Hide
Since now we.know, at least now I can say the article isn't misleading.

Just that back then, I was quite surprised that the 2nd train was alr undergoing the upgrade so fast as compared to my .original prediction that they will RS the first then MIA the.2nd.
(31 July 2015, 11:49 AM)Ethan777 Wrote:   Show/Hide

Well, they are your predictions after all. Your predictions may not be accurate, so i think its unfair for you to say that the article is inaccurate. 

Anyway on the topic of PMSM, i have moved the change out of Siemens to the Siemens refurbishment thread. 

Also btw, anyone noticed that the braking for the PMSM seem to be more gentle ? As in it doesnt seem to make you fly forward as much when it brakes? 
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(02 August 2015, 10:50 PM)SBS6019J Wrote:   Show/Hide

I find the braking sounds like "toilet flushing" sounds.
From the PMSM videos I watched from:

I observed that the PMSM sound tend to be increase in volume when the train was about to stop, perhaps this sudden increase volume of sound when stopping contributes to the gentler braking of the trains.
SBS3118B | SBS8065L | SBS9801Y
TIB959S | TIB1179U
Imo i think its becos of the full regen, i think PMSM cuts down on the use of Rheostatic brakes and Dynamic brakes, while relying more on regen brakes to stop the train, hence making it feel more gentle 
(02 August 2015, 11:17 PM)SBS6019J Wrote:   Show/Hide

Friction brakes are definitely still present right?

And now with a newer motor, does that also mean a more reliable/advanced regen brake system hence there will be lesser occurrences of the regen brake not working as seen on current KHIs occasionally.
(02 August 2015, 11:19 PM)Ethan777 Wrote:   Show/Hide

I am not really sure honestly, but I think it is still present. Definitely the reliability will improve, but Regen brake isn't just about the motor Smile  
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I am wondering why it sounds like "toilet flushing" when braking and accelerating?
007/008 and 047/048 should be the next C151 to get PMSM Motor
(08 August 2015, 07:39 PM)Path Light Wrote:   Show/Hide

Indeed your prediction is wrong. These trains you had mentioned were spotted on Saturday by me. 007/008 and 047/048 were running on EWL and NSL respectively without PMSM motor.

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