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Downtown Line (DTL) General Discussion
The stations are built with side platform configuration because it's easier.

Really. For an island platform configuration, the tracks, which are usually adjacent to each other, will need to bend slightly outwards to accomodate for the island platform. You don't have that kind of luxury with DTL1, as you're building a subway line within a city that's full of buildings and basements everywhere you go. Side platforms are really the best way to prevent complexities in building the stations when tunneling.

LTA generally prefers island platforms over side platforms, and will only resort to side platforms when there is really no choice (BDL was built with side platforms because of congestion within Toa Payoh itself, which is already a developed estate by then, DVR was built with side platforms because it was being constructed along an already built EWL track). This 'no choice' basically means congestion around the surrounding area, making tunneling for an island platform unfeasible.

Bugis and Bayfront are the exceptions instead of the norm for DTL1, simply because DTL1 is built within an extremely congested city corridor: there're definitely far more buildings within the city than 1980's Toa Payoh! Bayfront gets away with it since it was already built, while there was space for island platform at Bugis.

IIRC DTL2 will mostly feature island platforms, with the exception of Stevens (again, congestion issues). So nope, LTA still favours island platforms. And will likely continue to, for future projects.


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True, but with more lines to be built by 2030, and specifically Cross Island Line, which will pass through heavily built-up areas, it will be completely impossible for the authorities to favour island platforms, hence, side platforms have to be built in the future to meet the space crunch problem.
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any idea why the tunnel for dtl 1 (bayfront to chinatown) is cut and cover? I thought there are space constraints so why didnt they use tbm?
(16 December 2013, 12:22 AM)tranzort08 Wrote:   Show/Hide

I think the reason is because:
1st: Bayfront and Downtown stretch was undeveloped at that time, which was economical to use cut and cover instead of Tunnel Boring Machine.

2nd: This stretch intersect with mainline(NSEW Line) which LTA engineer decided to build the tunnel above the existing NSEWL tunnel so it will not affect the structure of the tunnel.

3rd: Downtown to Chinatown(including Telok Ayer) stretch which quite short distance and have the crossing which reliable building it by Cut and Cover.

*Correct me if wrong.
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Downtown line stopped service.

Service resumed for all DTL stations.
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Side platforms are really the best option for the Chinatown to Downtown stretch as they are really close together and it will not be easy for tracks to split and merge. What's more space is tight along the road median that Telok Ayer had to rely on viaducts instead of the usual diversions during the building phase.
"there was no room to build the entry and exit shafts needed (for the TBMs)"
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(22 December 2013, 03:09 PM)deskoh91 Wrote:   Show/Hide

Just because its island platform configuration doesnt mean the tracks must merge/split after the station. Who says you can't keep them parallel until the next island platform station just nearby?

Take Meridian to Coral Edge track layout for example.
obviously tunnelling will not be an issue, the problem is the surface width needed for C&C works for a full island station, especially for TLA.

(23 December 2013, 09:15 AM)Ethan777 Wrote:   Show/Hide
I cannot bear to say this but DTL has sadly lost its "kick" ever since the Open House. Do you agree?

Many sectors have been slowed from the time of OH to the first day of ops. Its becoming another CCL where trains brakes hard before a station then coast into the station. Wasnt DTL the line known for slowing down to 0 from full speed in just one smooth brake application?

PMN - BFT: Ever since the first day of ops, the trains slow down along the straight sector before the tunnel changes to C&C on the approach to BFT.

BFT - DTN: Found out just today that the trains slow down along the bend then coast into DTN. In the past the train negotiates the bend at normal speed and brakes smoothly into DTN.

DTN - TLA: Ever since the first day of ops, the trains slow down along the downgrade sector before TLA. But during my ride just now, the train seemed to slow down much more. Originally, trains just travelled through without slowing down during the OH.

TLA - CNT: Ever since first day of ops, again, the trains crossover to BB track from the XB at a slower speed, brake a little more then speed up into Platform A. Originally, the trains can just crossover and enter the platform without any changes in speed.

I don't know if SBST is trying out things or its a permanent arrangement but to be honest this is way too slow for the Downtown Line. I am sure that the original programming of ATC in trains during the OH was not compromising safety such that the trains were going around curves too fast; it was just right. So i dont see why the programming was tweaked to make trains travel slower.

Could it be because of the 2 minor distruptions on DTL recently that SBST doesnt want the trains to go as fast so as to not wear out the repaired equipment onboard and just play catious for this point of time and see how things go?
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