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JR East's new train to return on Yamanote loop in Tokyo
JR East's new train to return on Yamanote loop in Tokyo
From: Nikkei Asian Review
Date: 05/03/16

TOKYO -- East Japan Railway will return a new train equipped with a cutting-edge control system to service for the Yamanote line in central Tokyo after a botched debut late last year.

The company, also known as JR East, has said that an E235 train will resume operations at 3:18 p.m. Monday, making seven laps that day. If no problems are found, JR East plans to gradually switch all Yamanote Line trains to the new cars, with the transition completing as early as 2020.

Yamanote loop trains have 11 cars each, and there are 51 of the current E231 trains, meaning the switch will require a total of 561 E235 models.

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