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Introductions! Railway Enthusiast, Fall In! - nakanoben - 30 January 2011

Dear All, Please Re-intro Yourselves Here!

PS: i will re-intro later!

RE: Introductions! Railway Enthusiast, Fall In! - joelong243w - 30 January 2011

Joel Ong
Age 17
Combined Enthu
Live in jurong

RE: Introductions! Railway Enthusiast, Fall In! - JTZQ98 - 30 January 2011

Name : Jeremy

What I usually do outside : Take pictures/videos of trains, looking out for problems in trains and of course joyriding trains

Favourite trains : All SMRT and SBST trains except CX100s , Keikyu N1000, LU stock trains and HK stock trains

Youtube channel :
Facebook account :

RE: Introductions! Railway Enthusiast, Fall In! - SBS7322B - 30 January 2011

Name: Nicholas Lim (Not to be confused with any other Nicholas'es here)
Location: NE10 Potong Pasir
Birthday: 22 Dec 1994
CCA: Symphonic Band
School: Yishun JC

Favourite Trains:
Alstom Metropolis 2008 C830 Set 8361-8362-8363
Kawasaki 1999 C751B Set 311/312

Hong Kong:
Hyundai Rotem K-Stock

London Tube 1996 stock
London Tube S-Stock

JR Series E231-500
TokyoMetro Series 02
TokyoMetro Series 10000
TokyoMetro Series 15000
TokyoMetro Series 16000
All JR Series E231

About me:
Musically inclined and plays the trumpet. A member of the Sembawang Symphonic Winds.
Likes: Cycling, Swimming, Bus spotting, Train Spotting
Dislikes: Backstabbers

openBVE sided details:
How I found out about openBVE: Singapore Trains SGForums
First time playing BVE: Doesn't support my OS
First time playing openBVE: Early 2009
First route played: Hong Kong MTR Tsuen Wan Line (I played it till 6am) Tongue

Favourite routes:
Singapore MRT lines
All Hong Kong MTR lines
London Underground Northern Line
Chashinai Railways
All TokyoMetro Lines
Some JR Lines

Favourite Trains:
Singapore MRT:
C151, C651, C751B, C830(still under development!)
Hong Kong MTR:
Hyundai Rotem K-Stock
Kinki Sharyo, Kawasaki Heavy Industries SP1900
London Underground:
London Tube 1995 Stock
London Tube 1996 Stock
TokyoMetro Series 02
JR Series 300 Shinkansen
All JR Series E231


RE: Introductions! Railway Enthusiast, Fall In! - Scania96-101/102 - 30 January 2011

Name: Zhi Hao
Frav things: Annoucements, Train, Bus, STARiS, Recording
Train rep: 101/102
Bus rep:TBC

RE: Introductions! Railway Enthusiast, Fall In! - nakanoben - 30 January 2011

Then i Should Re Intro As Well

Name: Benjamin Goh Wei Cheng (but Ppl Call me Wei Cheng =] )
Type: Hybrid Fan (Bus + Train)
Location: EW17 Tiong Bahru, NE01 Habourfront
Age: XX - One year younger Den (SBS7322B)

Train Rep(s): 053/054, 009/010, CCL Set 27 (Heart 053/054 to The Max)
Bus Rep(s): SBS9231S (BNDEP 225G), SBS7335P (BBDEP 147), SMB138Y (WLDEP 961)
Bus Svs Rep(s): Svc 147, Svc 225, Sv 243

Fav BVE Line: All SG Lines
Fav Line in SG: ALL Lines

Hobbies: Train Spotting. Bus Spotting. Music.Online Games. Train/Bus Video


Dislikes: Flame Wars in SgForums Singapore Buses.

RE: Introductions! Railway Enthusiast, Fall In! - WarGreymon X - 01 February 2011

Name: Willis Chong
Location: NS13 Yishun/NS14 Khatib
Birthday: 8th October 1995
CCA: InfoComm Club
School: Naval Base Secondary School

Favourite Trains:
Kawasaki C151
Kawasaki C151A
Kawasaki R160 Alstom and Siemens
Siemens C321
Hyundai Rotem K-Train
Adtranz A-Train
Kawasaki 16000 Series
Alstom 1996 Stock
Bombardier Blue-Tiger 26 Class
Kawasaki 24 Class

Favourite Buses:
Mercedes-Benz O405G Hispano Habit Bodywork
Mercedes-Benz O530 Citaro

Vehicle Representatives:
Kawasaki C151 Set 111/112
Bombardier Blue-Tiger "TANJUNG PIAI" 26111
Mercedes-Benz O405G Hispano Habit TIB1207Y
Mercedes-Ben O530 Citaro SMB136C

Developed for OpenBVE:
Kawasaki C151
Changi Airport Branch Line from CGA to XPO

Likes: Trainspotting, photoshooting, videotaking
Dislikes: Being stressed

RE: Introductions! Railway Enthusiast, Fall In! - SBS5183Z - 01 February 2011

My first Intro here

Name: Kevin Fu
Age: 21 as of June 2011
Going into NS on 8 Feb

Kawasaki C151
Scania K230UB
Volvo B9TL Wright
Train Line: NSL

Bus Reps
SBS8170R, SBS8550C, SBS8551A, SBS8422P, SBS8730A, SBS5097P, SBS5183Z

Train Rep

WHen its too noisy
Stresses from ppl , home

RE: Introductions! Railway Enthusiast, Fall In! - zidanetiew874 - 04 February 2011

Name: Zidane Tiew
Date of Birth: 4th January 1999 (12 years old [2011])
Location: NS10 Admiralty

Train Reps
331/332, 501/502

Bus Rep:

SKPGLRT Crystal Movers
Kawasaki C151
Kawasaki C751B
Alstom C830
Scania K230UB
Volvo B9TL
O530 Citaro


Hobbies: Bus-spotting, train-spotting, phototaking.

RE: Introductions! Railway Enthusiast, Fall In! - nakanoben - 04 February 2011

(04 February 2011, 01:19 PM)zidanetiew874 Wrote:   Show/Hide

Hello, i seen you in person Before! Welcome To Sgtrains (: