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RE: North East Line (NEL) Discussion - Nobrakes88 - 05 June 2016

I still do not understand what is a PG intake...

RE: North East Line (NEL) Discussion - A380Lover - 05 June 2016

(05 June 2016, 11:15 AM)Nobrakes88 Wrote:   Show/Hide

PG Intake is Powergrid Intake, which supplies power to the train line.

RE: North East Line (NEL) Discussion - Nobrakes88 - 05 June 2016

Oh... Do you by chance have a picture of a PG intake?

RE: North East Line (NEL) Discussion - AsHalt - 05 June 2016

(05 June 2016, 05:35 PM)Nobrakes88 Wrote:   Show/Hide

I doubt anyone has a picture of it (NEL) , perhaps in some timelapse video you might see it. 
At most the most possible is the aboveground NSL along the KTB and YCK where you could see the PG structure.

RE: North East Line (NEL) Discussion - Nobrakes88 - 05 June 2016

Oh you mean the 22kV substation? That building under the tracks?

RE: North East Line (NEL) Discussion - A380Lover - 05 June 2016

(05 June 2016, 09:13 PM)AsHalt Wrote:   Show/Hide

(05 June 2016, 10:17 PM)Nobrakes88 Wrote:   Show/Hide

That was the online substation, not PG intake. For PG intake, not just 22kV, but most of them is up to 66kV.

RE: North East Line (NEL) Discussion - Ethan777 - 06 June 2016

(05 June 2016, 10:17 PM)Nobrakes88 Wrote:   Show/Hide

(05 June 2016, 11:01 PM)A380Lover Wrote:   Show/Hide

The trackside buildings are not PG Intake they are instead Online substations which are quite different. Although these infrastructure are collectively under Power, they have different functions. Shall outline our MRT's power system so that you can understand better.

The Power system first takes power from the PUB grid at 66kV AC and then steps the voltage down to 22kV AC. This is the function of the PG Intake - to take power from national grid and step it down.

After which the 22kV AC is distributed by bus bars to either the Traction Online Substations (1500V DC/750 DC) OR Service Substations (415V AC) - meant for miscellaneous use like station, signalling or comms power etc.

In these substations, power is also stepped down via transformers to the respective voltages. Rectification is also used in the Traction Online Substation to convert AC -> DC.

The Traction Online Substation is the place where the stepped down power of 1500/750 DC is fed to the overhead catenary system (OCS)/3rd rail sections located in the vicinity. It also is equipped with Inverters to help convert excess power through OCS/3rail back into 22kV AC power to be put back into the 22kV network for use in other places. As you can see we're moving up the distribution hierarchy here.

So anw I hope you can pick up 2 key terms for power: Rectification for AC -> DC and Inverter for DC -> AC

PG Intake locations are very few in number. The NEL has 2 such PG Intake at SKD and DBG.

Traction Online Substations however are located in practically almost every single station (OR along the trackside for NSEWL) since they are handling power distribution in OCS/3rail in their intermediate area.

RE: North East Line (NEL) Discussion - Nobrakes88 - 06 June 2016

Oh.. Those big fat transformers at the depots  and neat BNV are part of the PG intake system!!
 But still.... Do you have a location of the PG intakes?

RE: North East Line (NEL) Discussion - Nobrakes88 - 06 June 2016

Found it!!!
(From the statues)

 All that area comprised in part of Lot MK03-02357L , along Commonwealth Avenue West occupied by “Buona Vista MRT 66kV Substation” containing an area of about 3288.1 square metres and bounded approximately as follows:


  Commencing at the corner of the aforesaid “Buona Vista MRT 66kV Substation” which point is 32241.146 metres North and 23010.959 metres East of the Singapore Land Authority SVY 21 Datum, the boundaries run along successive lines of co-ordinates approximately as follows:


























to the point of commencement.


  The boundaries of “Buona Vista MRT 66kV Substation” are more particularly delineated on the Survey Plan set out below.

[Image: 8e7b274f-67af-4d5b-a059-a3ddcbb495f9.jpeg]

RE: North East Line (NEL) Discussion - Nobrakes88 - 06 June 2016

So... Is this the PG intake substation?