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East West Line - Chester190 - 03 April 2016

Hello, is there any way I could get the EWL for openBVE with PSDs?

RE: East West Line - SMB142J - 04 April 2016

The links are very outdated and according to my knowledge, the EWL is very very scattered and there are alot of developers doing different parts of the route. So I think there's no fixed official version but only a beta version which was released years ago and I don't think many of us would have it now. 

i can't even find a download link for the EWL in the forums haha. 

RE: East West Line - SMB3087R - 31 July 2020

(03 April 2016, 10:55 PM)Chester190 Wrote:   Show/Hide

Well yes but actually kind of no. Grin  
You can get the EWL route, but you can’t have the PSDs 
You will have to learn to code the route so that you can implement .freeobj codes.
Take it or leave it

RE: East West Line - sg_liftguy - 13 August 2020

(31 July 2020, 08:07 AM)SMB3087R Wrote:   Show/Hide

I found psd codes on the TIB - JKN.csv file. They have ; on the start of the codes, thats why it wont appear