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Error in Mainsite - Singtel Sticker - 23 August 2015

In Network Section under North South Line,it shows that the Woodlands extention was opened on 10 February 1990 instead of 1996

RE: Error in Mainsite - Flip - 23 August 2015

Noted. Will fix it, thanks.

RE: Error in Mainsite - SBS2831G - 05 October 2015

CT251 (Trains section) is opened but it has not opened service yet (except for the mock-up)

RE: Error in Mainsite - Hi1307 - 05 October 2015

Don't worry, it's better when open than when it's not.

Oh, and it's recommended that you activate your account.

RE: Error in Mainsite - Flip - 06 October 2015

(05 October 2015, 09:37 PM)Dante¬†Smrtcircleline12 Wrote:   Show/Hide

Please re-read the article after an English revision of past, present and future tense.

Let me know if there's anything else wrong, thanks.

RE: Error in Mainsite - Supernutorcrazy - 12 September 2017

There are two bugs in your main site under the Network Sections.

1) The total length of NSL is not 44km (as 44km only consist between Jurong East and Marina Bay via Woodlands.)
2) There are no station information for BPLRT (Network Section) as compared to other line.

RE: Error in Mainsite - Flip - 12 September 2017

(12 September 2017, 07:07 AM)Supernutorcrazy Wrote:   Show/Hide

1. I'll check back with LTA on the actual length again.
2. Didn't have time to do/snap etc. I can do a truncated version of it if you insist.