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Embedding Google Docs into Posts - Ethan777 - 08 February 2015

There is apparently a mybb plugin which allows for Google Docs to be embedded into the post. Is there any chance if this feature could be put in?

I am still trying to find ways to make the information in the NSEWL Re-signalling Thread more presentable and informative so that maybe I can further reduce the clutter in the first post and move some components into viewable Google Spreadsheets where I can add multiple tabs and centralise the info in 1 place and not across a few tables. 

I always enjoy experimenting with these things to constantly review and improve on anything I'm managing. I hope I may have the opportunity to do this even better.

RE: Embedding Google Docs into Posts - nakanoben - 08 February 2015

We have had something like that before, which hence was also one of the reason why we had this issue some time back.

It is a good idea nonetheless, however we don't want to add more problems to our already very vulnerable forum. However, we will not rule out rolling this out in future.