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RE: Using torrents to share BVE game - boylush - 18 August 2013

i'm thinking of using github...
say example(links dont work)
if they want a particular route or train they just have to :
repo init <link>
repo sync(when there is updates)
though its manual work but should bring us further perhaps someone can write an app using this...
*the repo command needs something to be installed from google , if not we can always use git clone command also...

RE: Using torrents to share BVE game - luacs1998 - 19 August 2013

As a github user:
Repo clone takes forever, the more things you have in a repo, worse.

RE: Using torrents to share BVE game - Rudolph - 20 August 2013

(18 August 2013, 03:45 PM)Boylush Wrote:   Show/Hide

Not everyone has time and patience and knowledge to learn git. Doesn't mean that you use git and I use git and Lucas uses git everyone else uses it too. Torrents would be more feasible since it is widely used and user friendly.

RE: Using torrents to share BVE game - joeyfjj - 25 August 2013

(20 August 2013, 09:52 AM)9V-STN Wrote:   Show/Hide

Git is a source control software that is used for development, not to distribute production software.

Source control is a very advanced subject. Unless you are in the IT industry or are a software deeloper, it is not often you use it, let alone know how to use it correctly.

RE: Using torrents to share BVE game - boylush - 15 December 2013

openBVE for starters
I have just updated a pack of addons that doesnt contain 'Cancelled' or 'On-Hold' Routes/Trains , exceptions though for Singapore's main lines like EWL , NSL.

Programs Required
1. openAL(Included)
2. bitTorrent or uTorrent or something that can be used to torrent files(no worries , the files is legal in this case)
3. .net Framework 4(download from microsoft website , windows 8 and above should have it preinstalled)

1. Download the .torrent file here : MEGA | Dropbox
2. open the file using bitTorrent or a client which can torrent files.
3. install the required programs.
4. Enjoy the maps preinstalled , click openBVE.exe to start. Developer Tools are also included

If you are a route developer and wants to update an addon or remove one , please do PM me on SGTrains or Facebook , Thank You.

openBVE version : 1.4.3 (August 2013)

RE: Using torrents to share BVE game - SMB142J - 15 December 2013

I like how you bump thia thread yes.

..and I prefer using 4shared to share BVE files yes cos it offers more control over files for developers. You can set a folder to private/password unlock for example

..and I dun like torrent
..and BVESG is very very and I mean VERY inactive now, or rather no development at all.

RE: Using torrents to share BVE game - boylush - 16 December 2013

just for people who are interested... , torrent works faster than conventional download for me..

RE: Using torrents to share BVE game - C830/C751B/C951 Fan - 16 December 2013

(16 December 2013, 09:00 AM)Boylush Wrote:   Show/Hide

"for me"

in which "me" refers to you

others may not have the same download/upload speeds for torrents, especially those that aren't on fibre network yet. (eg. 6mbps, 3mbps network) I still prefer files to be hosted on normal file sharing websites.

RE: Using torrents to share BVE game - boylush - 19 December 2013

Okay , from ur feedback i decided to host it on MEGA
The torrent will be removed , no further versions would be posted unless an update is issued.