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How to create a route? - - 15 May 2013

Hi! I am planning to create a route for a 3 car train. May I know haw to create a route?

RE: How to create a route? - Samuel Lee - 15 May 2013

(15 May 2013, 05:06 PM) Wrote:   Show/Hide

Creating a route for a 3 car train and 6 cars etc are the same.

To create a route, you need to know how to program for OBJECTS, whereby any thing in BVE is an object. Station (And many sub objects such as PSD / RATIS / Fans / Walls in the station / Benches etc....), Signals (Can use BVE's readily signals implementation), Tracks, Viaducts / Tunnel Walls........

Most importantly is that your station object is set to fit your 3 train car length and set your each station's start and stop point respectively.

For more info:

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