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C751B edited to C830 - - 24 February 2013

Hi I am new but i am already making a C830 train using the C751B. I used paint and now it looks like the C830. Just 2 things that i have to deal with now. A problem that caused the 3rd car to have no floor, roof, walls and cab door. If i can get these done before the Official C830 for OpenBVE, I hope we can use this temporary. Smile

RE: C751B edited to C830 - C151 - 061/062 - 24 February 2013

Maybe you try to make it more nicer and do snap the edited photo to show it here

RE: C751B edited to C830 - SBS6057Z - 24 February 2013

Do note that if you want to release a train , it must be coded from scratch. Not sure if you could release the edited C751B though...

RE: C751B edited to C830 - SMB145B - 24 February 2013

(24 February 2013, 12:53 PM)masterchief Wrote:   Show/Hide

it's already in his display pic

(24 February 2013, 01:51 PM)SBS6057Z Wrote:   Show/Hide

but must ask permission from SBS7322B who is doing the C751B

RE: C751B edited to C830 - - 25 February 2013

Ok. Sure. But how to upload photos here from my desktop?

I already asked SBS7322B. Now I am waiting for his reply.

Bombardier MOVIA C951 - - 25 February 2013

I would like to try creating a C951 using paint. I believe that when we try, we can make it happen! Cos when I looked at some of the things here for OpenBVE, some things are already about 1 year ago and completed. So now I will try making a New Creation despite being just a beginner. But this is just what I am planning to do. But I can only do all these after my Sec 1 Common test. Wish me good luck!

RE: C751B edited to C830 - - 25 February 2013

Oh! I know how to post pics already.
So here are the pics of my edited C751B...

The 2nd pic shows the prob I have with the 3rd car

RE: C751B edited to C830 - joeyfjj - 26 February 2013

Administrator Notice:
Thread moved
Moved the thread out of projects.

You are currently just sharing progress of you editing a train, while the projects forum is for actual add-ons.

For the same reason, I merged the C951 thread into this one.

RE: C751B edited to C830 - - 26 February 2013

I think I should rename my edited C751B C830 to C830B.

RE: C751B edited to C830 - - 03 March 2013

Ok. I have permission from SBS7322B already. To record the video and post on Youtube.