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Announcements not playing in-game - TIB437G - 28 November 2011

i dont have announcements played?

RE: East West Line routes - SMB142J - 28 November 2011

Then that means u dun have the sound file/you didn't place the sound files as the correct place.

RE: East West Line routes - TIB437G - 30 November 2011

(28 November 2011, 07:01 PM)C751B ~ 317/318 Wrote:   Show/Hide
screenshot for me

object, route, sound

RE: East West Line routes - SMB142J - 30 November 2011

So are u demanding me to give u screenshots of the folder structure?
Fine nvm.

openBVE Folder Structure


- Object. Inside, you'll have the object folder of the route.
- Route. Inside, you'll have the route file/folder of the route.
- Sound. Inside, you'll have the sound folder of the route.


openBVE Stable\Data\Railway\Object\Circle Line ---> Object Folder
openBVE Stable\Data\Railway\Route\Circle Line DBG - HBF.csv ---> Route file
openBVE Stable\Data\Railway\Sound\Circle Line\announcement ---> Sound folder



Train - Train folder.


openBVE stable\Data\Train\Alstom Metropolis C830 [836]

RE: Announcements not playing in-game - joeyfjj - 01 December 2011

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