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Full Version: The Suburbs Are Fighting Back Against the MTA's New Transit Plan
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The Suburbs Are Fighting Back Against the MTA's New Transit Plan
From: LA Weekly
Date: 24/03/16

It was inevitable that not everybody was going to be satisfied with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's new sales tax plan. But as they dig into the details of the proposal, which was released on Friday, more and more representatives from the suburban areas of L.A. County are crying foul.

The centerpiece of the $120 billion plan is a rail tunnel through the Sepulveda Pass, connecting the San Fernando Valley to the Westside by 2033. The plan also includes funding to complete the Wilshire subway and construct an LAX rail terminal by 2024. Though the MTA staff has tried to provide something for every region of the county, many in the outlying areas see the proposal as heavily tilted toward the city of L.A., which has four seats on the MTA board.

"The staff is playing to that board," says Mayor James Ledford of Palmdale, who chairs the North County Transportation Coalition. "They know how it's weighted, and they know that when push comes to shove the city of L.A. is gonna prevail."

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