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Full Version: Munich train stations evacuated over concerns of possible terror plans
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Munich train stations evacuated over concerns of possible terror plans
From: CNN
By: Frederik Pleitgen, Margot Haddad and Steve Almasy
Date: 01/01/16

(CNN) Two train stations in Munich, Germany, were evacuated and train service stopped on New Year's Eve, a spokesman for the Munich police said, citing concerns of a possible terror plot.

Police have received "concrete information that strongly indicates that there are possible plans for terror attacks in Munich, specifically against the main train station and the railway station in (the western district of) Pasing."

Munich police said officials had deemed the information about the threat of an attack on New Year's Eve as serious and credible.

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Police evacuate two Munich train stations, citing threat of militant attack
From: CNA
Date: 01/01/16

BERLIN: German police evacuated two train stations in Munich late on Thursday, saying on Twitter they had received a tip regarding a planned militant attack on New Year’s Eve in the Bavarian capital.

A police spokeswoman declined to give further details, saying a search for possible suspects had been launched.

“Actual lead that in #Munich a terror attack is planned. Please avoid crowd gatherings as well as the central train station and the Pasinger train station,” read a translation of the German tweet.

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