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Full Version: Is London's 24-hour Night Tube plan dying?
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Is London's 24-hour Night Tube plan dying?
BBC News
4th Nov 2015

Is London's weekend Night Tube plan dying?

With talks between London Underground (LU) and the unions at an impasse and showing little sign of progress, are there now further signs the idea of a Night Tube is withering?

Previously London Mayor Boris Johnson has said the Night Tube could not be at "any cost" and today he told LBC Radio the weekend service was not "absolutely critical".

Asked whether he could provide a date for the introduction of the 24-hour Tube, Mr Johnson said: "I've got to tell you this is something that the city of London has done without for 150 years. What I won't do is pay an unreasonable price for it, which Londoners would feel in their fares.

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