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Full Version: North East Line 2.0 project thread
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Introducing the North East Line for openBVE project, revived!

I'll be starting from scratch with this project, so I will not be using any objects or materials from the previous attempts and projects.


The project is currently on-hold while I focus on SgATC and implementing it for the Circle Line.


This project will comprise several components, which will come together to form the NEL project. Other developers may choose to develop their projects based on these components.

Train C751A
Status: completed, no further development
Thread: showthread.php?tid=1971*
*Thread is locked, so I can't update it.

Train plugin SgATC
Status: in progress for Circle Line

--- None of the projects below this line are likely to continue being developed ---

Route North East Line
Status: on hold in progress, basic 2-station stretch will be built first

Object library SgObjects
Status: on hold in progress, may be expanded for future routes to reuse.

Train C751C
Status: proposed, may/may not be built
Looking forward. All the best~
Thanks for your help and support too Tongue
Looking forward to it. 
By looking at your C751A, which was marvellous, I know it won't disappoint. xD All the best xD
Good to see BVE being revived again. Good luck and all the best! 
(19 September 2015, 04:38 PM)joeyfjj Wrote: [ -> ] Show/Hide

Finally, you bring the BVE back here, i am looking forward on this project. All the best!
(19 September 2015, 04:38 PM)joeyfjj Wrote: [ -> ] Show/Hide

I'm hyped up! I bet this project will be amazing when done. Best of luck!
I've set up a git repository for SgATC and the existing Alstom Metropolis C751A. You can find them here:
Good luck for the project Smile
@Ethan777, TIB1219M, SBS6019J, A380Lover, Mark4211, C651 Lover:

Thanks for your support! I'll try my best! Big Grin

If you'll like to help out/discuss this, drop by the #openbve-dev channel in the SGTrains Slack chat.

I'm looking for help with resouces like photos and videos. Please send them over!
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