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Full Version: Embedding Google Docs into Posts
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There is apparently a mybb plugin which allows for Google Docs to be embedded into the post. Is there any chance if this feature could be put in?

I am still trying to find ways to make the information in the NSEWL Re-signalling Thread more presentable and informative so that maybe I can further reduce the clutter in the first post and move some components into viewable Google Spreadsheets where I can add multiple tabs and centralise the info in 1 place and not across a few tables. 

I always enjoy experimenting with these things to constantly review and improve on anything I'm managing. I hope I may have the opportunity to do this even better.
We have had something like that before, which hence was also one of the reason why we had this issue some time back.

It is a good idea nonetheless, however we don't want to add more problems to our already very vulnerable forum. However, we will not rule out rolling this out in future.