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Full Version: MTR “Super Control Centre” Oversees All Heavy Rail Operations
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Three “Hearts” into One: MTR “Super Control Centre” Oversees All Heavy Rail Operations

From: MTR
Date: 06/03/13

The Operations Control Centre (OCC) is the “heart” of MTR train operations. For 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, staff of the three existing heavy rail OCCs in Tsing Yi, Fo Tan and Kam Tin* keep close watch on every train and every activity in the network to ensure the delivery of safe and reliable services for the more than four million passengers each day.

This year, operational control of the entire heavy rail network will be housed under one roof in a “Super OCC” at Tsing Yi. The move to centralise was planned as a part of the rail merger in 2007.

“The MTR rail network is fully-integrated. Something happening on one line can have an impact on another line. So it makes sense for our traffic controllers to be able to get an overall picture of what is happening in the network. This will make it easier for them to assess situations arising in the train service and decide on the appropriate action to take. It will also further enhance communication amongst the controllers of different lines,” said Mr Jay Walder, Chief Executive Officer of MTR Corporation.

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MTR super unit to run train services

From: The Standard
Date: 07/03/13

The MTR plans to merge its three operations control centers into one super unit to oversee train services.

Head of operating Alan Cheng Kwan-hing said the centers at Tsing Yi, Fo Tan and Kam Tin will be housed under one roof in a "Super OCC" at Tsing Yi to boost efficiency.

The Fo Tan center, which oversees East Rail and Ma On Shan Rail services, will be transferred to the Tsing Yi super center at the end of this month.

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Hong Kong rail operations begin move to ‘super’ control centre

By: Marc Johnson
Date: 06/03/13

MTR’s East Rail Line and Ma On Shan Line services will be transferred to a new central control hub at the end of this month.

The switch over is the first phase of a planned integration of heavy rail services in Hong Kong.

By 2014, all commuter and regional services will be monitored from the Tsing Yi Super Operations Control Centre (OCC).

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