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Full Version: Editing a C751B to a C830.
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Hi. Im new here. But I tried to create my own C830 using the C751B, the 3rd car has a problem. The walls and the floor and the roof is missing and also the cab door. I used paint to make it look like a C830 anyway. But I do not have the motor sounds. So can anyone tell me why the 3rd car has this problem. I hope you guys understand. Cos I'm new here and I don't get things right. Smile
Can you post the content of your Extensions.cfg file here? Enclose the in [code] tags like this [/code].

It will look like this.

tags like this
0 = cars\3311.ANIMATED

Length = 23.5

1 = cars\1311.ANIMATED

Length = 23

2 = cars\2311.ANIMATED

Length = 23