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Full Version: SGTrains Buses Intelligence Xchange - Rules and Application Instructions (06/08/2013)
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Hi all ,

The SGT Buses Intelligence Xchange was set up to provide members a platform to share the latest
- Bus Spottings
- New Bus
- New Bus Advert(s)
- Bus Incidents/Faults/Complaints/Compliments
- Bus Happenings
- Bus FAQ

Rules of the group.

1. Please DO NOT reproduce information from other sources without permission.

2. Please DO NOT reproduce any information contained in this group.

3. Please DO NOT post ANY irrelevant or offensive material. Treat all group members with respect; this is a community.

4. Do not post any false or unconfirmed (unless stated) information.


6. You must be a member of SGTrains to be in this group.

7. The Intelligence Xchange is meant for discussion of factual, up to date info. Own deployments, route suggestions and the like are welcome in the forum, but not the group itself. This is meant to facilitate more forum discussion and not digress from the definition of an "Intelligence Exchange".

8. Please note that by uploading photos into the group, you allow SGTrains to modify and distribute your photos with or without attribution. Also, you agree that you do not allow any other third parties to re-upload those photos outside of SGTrains.

Moderator Notice:
Any breach of rules will be dealt with; first with a verbal warning and a subsequent 2-week removal from the group. Recalcitrant offenders may face penalties on SGTrains which includes but is not limited to negative reputation and warning points. If you feel that your punishment was given in error please use the appropriate forum thread for feedback.

Rules and regulations can be updated without prior notice. Last revision of rules can be found in the OP title.

You are highly recommended to disable the Email Notification for this group.

All feedback should be directed to or be posted on the forum.


1) Request to join the group (on the group's page --> SGT Buses Intelligence Xchange Group click on "JOIN GROUP" (or something similar; it's self explanatory)
2) Post your Facebook name in this thread.
3) Wait for us to add you in. It will usually take within 3 days.

It's that simple. Join now!

SGTrains Forum Team

Moderator Notice:
You will be added in to group within 3 days. If there is an error with adding you into the group, we will contact you via PM. Thanks.
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(11 November 2012, 06:42 PM)SBS6057Z Wrote: [ -> ]Hi all ,

Here's the following few steps to joining the group.

1)Request to join the group (in the group's page , click Ask to Join Group)
2)Post your facebook name in this thread (You need to be an SGTrains Member in order to join the group)
3)Wait for us to add you in.

It's that simple. Join now !

SGT Buses Intelligence Xchange Group

Thank you !

Moderator Notice:
You will be added in to group within 3 days. If there is an error with adding you into the group, we will contact you via PM. Thanks.
When I click on that link, I get

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The page you requested cannot be displayed at the moment. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired, or you may not have permission to view this page.
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Could u also include a short description of this new group? Thanks!
Problem resolved. Please try again. Thank you !
Mark Loh requesting to join.

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Shen Hao Jie requesting to join. Thank you.

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Poh Kai Wen requesting to join Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin

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Arjan Singh requesting to join thanks! Big Grin

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Ong Chong You requesting to join. Thank you. Smile

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Erwin Lee requesting to join, thx Smile

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