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Full Version: Visit to Downtown Line 3 Project Information Centre
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About how long is this visit?
Is there an age requirement? I'm only 8 Sad
(11 October 2012, 02:40 PM)pyston Wrote: [ -> ]Is there an age requirement? I'm only 8 Sad

Congratulations! You qualify to become the YOUNGEST transport enthusiast in Singapore as of now! Big Grin

On a serious note though, I have no idea if there's a minimum age requirement yet, but I strongly encourage you to seek parental consent should you really wish to go. Smile
Free for the entire holidays.
Interested but only free after 7 November 2012.
(11 October 2012, 04:09 PM)nganmatthias Wrote: [ -> ]Interested but only free after 7 November 2012.

Particularly because of the O-levels and some of us Sec 3s have Chinese O-level on that particular date.
We need to use the holiday period before the Chinese O level exam to prepare for our exam, so I dun think we can make it during this period.

(11 October 2012, 09:31 AM)littlearea Wrote: [ -> ]
(11 October 2012, 06:50 AM)Arthur Jie Wrote: [ -> ]Could I ask which exact location the Project Information Centre is? Is it in LTA Hampshire Road? Thanks!

The Project Information Centre is not at LTA Hampshire Road. There are three Project Information Centre, one is at Bendemeer station site, Ubi site(near Macpherson station, next to U/C AZ building) and Tampines Station site(which not offically open until end of the year).

Anyway for your info, this is the 1st time that LTA set up the Project Information Centre for DTL3. In future there are Project Information Centre when construction on TSL/ERL.

Oh I see, thanks!
2nd Nov? I have O Levels so yeah :\

After 7 Nov, and before 15 Nov will be good for the Sec Sch students
Interested! Lots of people ending school after end of November, so I think around December better bah.. (but not on the same day as STAR2012 pls Big Grin)
December ah? Then 14-17 cannot.
I'm interested.I hope it can take place between 1 December and 20 December(excluding weekends and Tuesdays).

Is there any admission fees?
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