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Forum rules and regulations - Guest

The rules will be updated from time to time. Last updated: 29 December 2015 2000hrs (New rule 4.4)

SGTrains is one of the main online community for the transport enthusiasts of Singapore. As such, we have a short set of rules and guidelines to follow when you participate in forum discussions.

Do read through the forum rules to familiarise yourself with the behaviour expected of you, and try to adhere to them. When in doubt, feel free to private message any of the SGTrains team with queries! Big Grin

(Note: a separate set of rules exist for the Wiki. This applies for the forums only)

Penalties and warning points.
SGTrains uses a warning point system for tracking rule violations. A warning point gives you a 10% warning level. For each violation, you will be given warning points.

When your combined warning points exceeds these levels, you will lose some rights:
- 50%: unable to post new threads, send Private Messages, and give other users reputation ratings.
- 70%: banned from accessing the forum for 3 days.
- 80%: banned from accessing the forum for 1 week.
- 90%: banned from accessing the forum for 1 month.
- 100%: user account banned and disabled permanently.

After each of the rules below, information enclosed in [square brackets] represent the penalty for violating the rules, and any additional penalties.

The forum team uses its discretion when resolving violations: it's alright to make genuine mistakes, but repeated offences will be penalised.

Remember: if you see any offending posts, do not post about it, use the [Image: postbit_report.gif] button to report it to us.

Should you feel that the warning point awarded to you was unfair, you may appeal against it here.

1. Members and user accounts

1.1 - New members should follow instructions sent to their e-mail to request for account activation. If left unactivated, your account may be deleted.

1.2 - You are only allowed one account per person. [Multiple accounts: 5WP and other accounts deleted]

1.3 - Your profile information (including usernames) should not contain disturbing content (e.g. foul language .etc), or appear to be impersonating another person. [2WP; staff may also change (or request you to change) your profile information]

2. General posting/content guidelines

2.1 - Advertising is not allowed on the forum. Posting content with the intent to attract visitors to another location or an external site is not allowed unless quoting as information sources. [3WP; discretion is used when enforcing this rule]

2.2 - Illegal content (copyrighted works, illegally obtained work and info, sensitive staff-only information .etc) is not allowed. [5WP; offending content removed]

2.3 - Please contribute in good English - punctuate and paragraph long posts, and do nt txtspeak lik dis. Minor errors are okay, but do make an effort to allow everyone to understand each other. [1WP; discretion is used when enforcing this rule]

2.4 - Do not post media which may pose a security risk, such as photos showing surveillance camera set-ups or highly protected areas such as train depots. [3WP; removal of offending item]

2.5 - Do not post any information on the forum which may put the nation's and the public's security at risk, such as threats and hoaxes. [10WP; The authorities will be called in to investigate serious incidents, account permanently banned]

2.6 - Do not moderate a discussion by warning users who may have violated forum rules. Report the posts to the forum team instead. [2WP; post removed]

2.7 - Do not post inappropriate content on the forum. This includes, but is not limited to erotic, violent, bigoted or harmful content. [5WP; this list is non-exhaustive]

3. Threads and posts

3.1 - Posts without any substantial content (examples: "hi", "oooh") should not be posted. This includes behaviours such as "bumping" old threads without substantial new content. [1WP; does not apply to off-topic section]

3.2 - Post only once - do not make consecutive posts within 48 hours in the same thread. Double posting is frowned upon. Please edit your first post unless a second post is absolutely necessary. This does not apply to daily rides, train spotting and happenings thread, and BVE Developers updating in their project threads [1WP; post merged]

3.3 - Do not start empty threads: threads should be created only if you have something to contribute. [1WP]

3.4 - Do not add or remove moderator or admin notices [1WP; does not apply to Moderators and Administrators]

3.5 - Keep the threads well organised, avoid going off topic. [1WP; discretion is used when enforcing this rule]

3.6 - Post only genuine information, avoid posting false content to mislead other users. [1WP; account put under moderation, discretion is used when enforcing this rule]

4. Behaviour on the forum

4.1 - Treat others with respect: do not insult, impersonate, mock, or make personal attacks on the forum. [2WP; this list is non-exhaustive]

4.2 - Do not pester or annoy other users on the forum. This includes pestering BVE developers for releases and addons.  [1WP]

4.3 - Repeatedly violating instructions from an admin or moderator notice. [1WP; discretion is used when enforcing this rule]

4.4 - Do not abuse the "report" button.  Examples include reporting a post for breaking a rule when it has not. [2WP; discretion is used when enforcing this rule]

5. Private Messaging

5.1 - PMs are regulated by the same rules which govern the forum. PMs may be monitored by forum staff.

5.2 - Should you need to report anyone who broke the forums rules in the PM system, you can do so here.

6. Reputation system/likes

6.1 - You are not allowed to ask others to like your post, or to give you a reputation point. [1WP]

6.2 - You are not allowed to return a reputation rating to thank another user for rating you. [1WP; rating will be deleted]

6.3 - Deliberate, targeted or excessive awarding of reputation (abuse of the system) in an attempt to significantly alter another member's reputation is not allowed. [2WP; discretion is used when enforcing this rule]

6.4 - You are recommended to read the full list of rules that govern the reputation system here.

7. Other forum features

7.1 - Signature: Your signature size should not exceed 275 pixels high and 605 pixels wide. This includes all text and/or images in your signature. [1WP]