Forum Announcement: Format for Posting in Press Release Forums
For consistency, please adhere to the following format when posting news articles in the forum.

Thread title should be the same as that on the original article. Do not caps the whole title.

> Header

Before the article itself, include the header, which contains title, where the article is from, the reporters, and the date.

For the title, use the large font-size. For the descriptors, use a x-small font size. Include a link back to the original article. If there is no author names available, leave the line out.

> Content

After the header, leave a blank line, then include the article. Do not
bold the article body text. If copying from a PDF file, ensure all unnecessary
line breaks are removed. As an example, this paragraph you are reading right
now is an example of what you should not post.

Only include the first 3 paragraphs of the news article. Headings do not count as paragraphs.

> Headings

If the article contains headings, they should be included and bolded.

> Read more

If the article contains than 3 paragraphs, include the line "Read the original article here.", and link it to the source article URI.

> Example

Below is an example of the way your news article post should look like.

Quote:Her arm was caught in train door
From AsiaOne / The New Paper
By Magdalene Fung and Zul Othman
25 July 2012

An elderly woman, who was on a crowded train on the North-East MRT Line last week, had her arm caught in the doors when she was giving way to exiting passengers.

As other passengers tried to help, a piece of skin was torn off.


Several commuters gave up their seats to the bleeding woman, while others offered her tissues and handkerchiefs to stem the bleeding.

Read the original article here.