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Conditions to be an Official BVESG Developer
06 April 2011 08:56 PM

Certain conditions have to be met to be an Official BVESG Developer.

Section One: Official BVESG Developers get to have the following privileges:
  • An Official BVESG Developer Badge.
  • A purple colour and bolded username.
  • The ability to use custom usertitles.
  • The ability to access Staff Forums.
Section Two: To become an Official BVESG Developer, you have to meet the following conditions:
  • Your route/train must have 2 MINOR ERRORS OR LESS.
  • Your route/train must contain all major details.
  • All notices inside the route/train must be sensible.
  • All objects has to have appropriately placed. No floating objects unless intentional due to certain reasons.
  • Your route/train must be already in ACTIVE PROGRESS for at least two months.
  • Your route/train must be ENTIRELY YOUR OWN WORK. Modifications are permitted ONLY IF THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR ALLOWS YOU TO RELEASE THE WORK. You are to CREDIT THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR as well.

Section Three:
Sub-Section One
You are still free to make threads and releases without being an Official BVESG Developer. The administrators and other Official BVESG Developers will inspect your project files when requested.

Sub-Section Two
Official BVESG Developers who do not make progress in their route/train without placing an ON HOLD status on it will be stripped off their status without prior notice.

Sub-Section Three
BVESG Developer privileges are only given to main developers of projects. Co-developers WILL NOT get the privileges.

Modified by SMB142J on 2nd January 2021.

Copyright issues: derivative projects and theft of work
28 February 2011 08:00 AM

It appears some developers are creating derivative projects of an existing project (e.g. creating the C151A based on the existing C151 add-on). All developers, please note that the forum does not tolerate any theft of intellectual property, and that all such offences may lead to:
  • a ban;
  • warning points, and/or;
  • deletion of the offending post, thread and/or attachment.
as per Section 5 of the forum rules.

All developers of derivative projects, please get the author of the original work to post in your thread stating that they have allowed you to use their work as a basis for your work, unless the original author has licensed it under a license in which:
  • republication and distribution is allowed, and;
  • publication of derivative work must be allowed.

As a reminder, infringing on someone elses' intellectual property is an offence under the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works internationally, and the Copyright Act (2006 Rev. Ed.) in Singapore.

This announcement may be changed at anytime, without any prior warning. Last updated 0106hrs, 2 January 2021 (GMT +8).